Company history

About us

The success story of OPTITOOL GmbH began in 1994 with the development of the program OPTITOOL.
Since 1996, the specially designed algorithms have been further developed and constantly improved. OPTITOOL GmbH has the knowhow of the complex optimization algorithms and continuously improves them. Thus, the industry-specific business rules can be taken into consideration so that in practice, considerable time and costs savings can be achieved. Currently OPTITOOL is the German market leader in the industry sector “milk collection” and “dispatching middle distillates”.
Our team consists of specialized academics and IT experts working the areas of development, sales, support and project management.



The Business Park Regensburg is a central location for offices, commerce and service in one the most promising technology regions in Germany and close to the airports of Munich and Nuremberg.

Managing director

The company founder and managing director Dr. Josef Rackl studied physics at the University of Regensburg. His major fields of study were “Theoretical Physics” and “Operations Research”.

In his diploma thesis Dr. Rackl analyzed the applicability of the physical algorithms on the transport logistics. In the subsequent doctorate the algorithmic basis for the solution of combinatorial optimization problems in the logistics was further developed. In 1996 the company was founded in order to develop (based on the theoretical principles) and sell a product which meets the requirements in practice.

Dr. Rackl received a doctoral degree in June 2000. The subject of his dissertation was “Studies on the combinatorial optimization problems using methods of statistical physics”.


Our goal

Our goal is to provide our clients innovative and individual solutions combined with a competent and personal service – and all at attractive price-performance ratio.