Planning types

Strategic / tactical planning

Various planning scenarios

Standard trip planning

Analysis & optimisation while considering costs

Consideration of industry-specific and company-specific business rules

Detailed analysis

Operational / Dynamic planning

Free planning

Planning based on existing standard trips

Optimisation based on current order situation

Modification of existing trip plan during dispatching

Connection to real-time systems


Comprehensive functions & analyses

Clear display of individual and total costs


OPTITOOL is the leading software solution for trip planning and trip optimisation.

The term “Trip planning and trip optimisation” describes the search for the most cost-effective trip plan while considering industry-specific requirements and specific restrictions (e.g. delivery/ pickup details, opening hours, time windows, corporate colour, additional preparation time, preferred driver, compartment allocation, allowed trailer, product-compatibility, delivery cycle etc.).

There are various planning tasks: strategic, operational, tactical or dynamic planning.

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