OPTITOOL focuses on state-of-the-art technologies. Our specialised team is always open to your proposals and requirements.

Our goals:

  • Individual solutions
  • Innovative products
  • Competent and personal service
  • Attractive price-performance ratio

Potential analysis

Are you interested in an in-depth analysis of your savings potential? If so, we are happy to send you our data entry sheet which should be filled out. OPTITOOL will run your data in the software. Special attention will be paid to your specific restrictions which are set in the optimisation process. Then we would like to send you our solution via TeamViewer.

Standard trip analysis

Your past deliveries can be analysed and representative orders created. The delivery history of a delivery address is used to identify regularities with regard to delivery cycle, delivery amount and delivery day. After the planning is finished, the requested standard trip numbers can be assigned to the trips.

Location optimisation

The location optimisation concept is comprised of the complete analysis of existing locations and the new location regarding their current and expected situation and their core competencies. All parts of the supply chain of your business areas are analysed, because only a comprehensive approach leads to a long-term effectiveness. The results are integrated in an assessment model which also takes into account the business strategies and the mid- and long-term planning.

Hosting/ SaaS

We also offer the option of “Software as a Service” (SaaS). We provide you our trip planning and optimisation software via a secure network. You can see and operate the user interface at your location. The data is processed in our data centre. This enables you to save on acquisition costs as well as follow-up costs and server capacity. Furthermore, this service provides a high level of protection and professional backups.

Customer-specific development

OPTITOOL understands the business processes of our customers. Thus, our software can completely implement your customer-specific requirements and optimize your company. To maximise your profits, OPTITOOL offers customer-specific developments or further developments for you company.


When introducing computer-based dispatching, not only are delivery notes in paper form replaced by a modern trip planning and trip optimization software, but also a great amount of procedures and processes are modified. OPTITOOL advises and supports you in the structural changes of the Supply Chain to harmonize organisation and software.

External planning

Are you interested in a strategic re-planning of the delivery logistics considering the current and modified restrictions?

OPTITOOL offers the service of simulating various scenarios and calculating costs. Our goal is to represent the development of the logistics costs under different conditions und trip data. In doing so, logistics costs are saved without violating hard restrictions.

Project management

Quality is, when customers return, not products.

Standardised processes and a comprehensive quality management will enable us to finish our projects according to the agreement with the estimated costs on a high quality basis. We provide service as a consultant, organiser or realisation partner in all points of project and portfolio management.

We offer our customers the expertise to handle Prince2 projects. The certification enables us to work in accordance with the Prince2 guidelines.