Our modular product portfolio offers solutions for the whole supply chain. Each chain link, e.g. including the automatic data transfer, trip planning, customer notification, vehicle loading, state-of-the-art telematics solutions and logistics controlling, can be tailored to customer-specific requirements.


Customer data

Demand forecast

  • Overview of future orders  and workload
  • Minimal logistics costs thanks to inventory optimisation
  • High-quality basis for “smoothing” the transport capacity
  • Increased transparency in the dispatching process


  • Reduction of internal communication costs/expenditures
  • When calculating the vehicle efficiency, planned orders as well as unplanned orders are taken into account
  • Salesmen can directly and independently find the optimal delivery date and inform the customers about the fixed date
  • Feedback on workload of an area on a requested day

Browser-based order entry

  • Entry of new orders for already existing delivery addresses
  • Automatic retrieval of available master data, e.g. delivery addresses or customer data

Browser-based view

  • Quick and easy display of logistics data (reading view)
  • User-friendly handling
  • Direct and independent forward of customer queries without any expenditure of time and communication
  • Using this view, there is no need to contact the dispatchers

 Trip planning

Planning software

  • Combination of digital map and Trip Commander
  • Planning display in tree view
  • Planning parameters are constantly checked during the planning process and violations are displayed
  • Cost and transport savings
  • Reduced dispatching effort  while quality arises
  • High customer proximity thanks to information advance
  • High transparency and controlling as well as a prompt influence on costs
  • High system reliability and expandability
  • Simple and user-friendly system
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • State-of-the-art client-server-technology (fat-client, thin-client, web-client)
  • Seamless integration of OPTITOOL in existing IT-landscape
  • Data exchange supported by standardised interfaces

Optimisation engine

  • Global optimisation that considers restrictions
  • Local optimisation (Trip Sequence Optimisation)
  • Regional optimisation (Trip Optimisation)
  • Global optimisation (free optimisation)


Telematics interface

Conector between dispatching software and vehicle (Onboard IT):

  • Printing on vehicle
  • GPS-Tracking
  • Navigation
  • Signature on Tablet
  • Connection to calibrated measurement system
  • Connection to EC-card
  • Order management
  • Message-System
  • Telephone connection
  • Quantity control
  • Check before driving
  • Remote-Tacho download
  • Registration of empties
  • Master data entry /completion
  • Analysis
  • Photo documentation/ damage reports
  • Working time registration
  • Offline-mode available
  • Synchron in real-time
  • Position display
  • Geofencing, geocoding
  • Planned-actual comparison – position-based
  • Planned-actual comparison – event-based
  • Transmission of trips and orders
  • Alarm module & notification center
  • Actual data collation – empty packagings, time needed for delivery at customer
  • Display of events

Connection to digital tachograph

  • Direct connection to the data of the digital tachograph
  • Planned data used for the calculation of the remaining working time are overwritten by actual data from tachograph
  • Consideration of traffic-related deviations of the planned data (e.g. traffic jam)
  • Exact calculation of statutory requirements
  • Dispatcher receives planned-actual comparison about driver times

Driver support

  • Planned data for vehicle (trips, loadings, rests)
  • Communication
  • GPS data
  • Connection to navigation (Google, Sygic)
  • Actual data collection (vehicle check, loading, unloading)
  • Printing from vehicle (delivery note / transport documents)
  • Connection to calibration system
  • Connection to FMS / CAN-Bus


3D Picking

  • Specifically tailored to the needs of the packaged goods industry
  • Dispatchers distribute trips among vehicles of the in-house fleet or among vehicles provided by external carriers
  • Display of pre-assembled transport units (containers or pallets)

Transport Units

  • Utilization of the truck with Transport Units and utilization of Transport Units themselves
  • Comfortable planning of the loading process when using transport units as containers or pallets
  • Identification of used space in the vehicle
  • Differentiation between single picking and collective picking
  • More precise planning thanks to an exact calculation of vehicle utilization
  • Use of volume-dependent or packaging-dependent loading rates


3D loading

  • Specifically tailored to the needs of the packaged goods industry
  • Dispatchers distribute trips among vehicles of the in-house fleet or among vehicles provided by external carriers
  • 3D-display of the loading space with packaged goods

Pickup/ delivery

  • Combinations of pickups and deliveries supported
  • Visualisation that new goods were delivered to the customer as well as pickup of empty packaging
  • Automatic check throughout the trip, whether the amount that has to be loaded fits into the vehicle

Customer notification


  • All customers or selected customers of the trip are automatically informed of the planned delivery via E-Mail or SMS


  • Immediate display of driver´s reply


Standard trip planning

  • Trip planning uses existing standard trip number ( minimizing time and dispatching effort)

Standard trip analysis

  • Generation of reference orders that optimally reflect the periodic deliveries regarding the amount and delivery frequency
  • The graphical display of the analytic results visualises the identified patterns and frequencies
  • When using the “Free Planning”, the representative orders can be optimally planned
  • Trips can be assigned to standard trip numbers


  • Costs are displayed transparently, giving as much detail as possible
  • Display of driven routes based on the position data on the map during a certain time
  • Report for requested planning date (planned and actual kilometres per vehicle and day)
  • Analysis of planned trips of the vehicles as well as calculation of total route
  • Calculation of actual route (vehicle position data)

Data collation

  • Data collation of additional sales or order modifications
  • Data retrieval of delivered order amounts and invoice status

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