Fresh Food Supplier

Branche Frische-AusfuhrThe business solution OPTITOOL FRESH has been specially developed for the requirements of the store delivery. OPTITOOL FRESH supports dispatchers in Strategic and Operational Planning.


Industry highlights:

  • Simulation and customisability of planning scenarios
  • Consideration of seasonal fluctuations
  • Flexibility in case of short-term modifications
  • Packaging-dependent loading rates
  • Area assignment
  • Compartment allocation with various temperature zones
  • Adapting and customizing standard trips
  • Pickup & delivery (handling of empty packaging)
  • Consideration of various fresh zones (cooled goods, frozen goods, dry foods, …)
  • Telematics connection (standing time, planned-actual comparison, empty packaging, stop costs, position display,…)
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions

Our goal is to provide our clients innovative and individual solutions combined with a competent and personal service – and all at attractive price-performance ratio.


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